"Granolitic Edit", Of Montreal.


"I wish I could make it easy, easy to love me, love me
But still I reach, I find a way, I’m stuck here in between,
I’m looking for the right words to say
I’m slowly drifting, drifting away
Wave after wave”
"Waves" Mr.Probz, remix. 

By Beth Hoeckel.

"The throw", Jagwar Ma

"Flaws", Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

"100 and one faces | L’homme 100 têtes" by JUL & MAT

"When you look in the sky, just try looking inside
God knows what you might find
Here comes the night time”

Arcade Fire (2013)

"Everything goes my way", Metronomy.

Lindsay Bottos‘ series entitled ‘I Don’t Really Miss You”.

This is your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
…And the whole wide world is whistling…

"Pumping Blood", NONONO

"And I wanna kiss you, make you feel alright
I’m just so tired to share my nights
I wanna cry and I wanna love
But all my tears have been used up
On another love…”

"Another love", Tom Odell 


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