"Pilgrim", MØ. 


"River", Ibeyi. 

Lay your blouse across the chair 
Let fall the flowers from your hair 
And kiss me with that country mouth so plain

"Empty", Ray Lamontagne. 

"I don’t want a love like this… come and save me"
"Come Save Me", Jagwar Ma. 

"Riptide", Gossling (Vance Joy Cover). 

Falling short again.

"Collapse", Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

 It’s not time to make a change
Just sit down and take it slowly

"Father and son", Cat Stevens. 

Human Error, Victoria Siemer

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer, also known as Witchoria, has an ongoing photography series updated weekly called Human Error in which the artist digitally overlays an existential or lovelorn computerized error message over a scanned Polaroid. The error message prompts the viewer for an action or to wait, illustrating the futility of this technological exercise when perceived in the context of heartbreak or ennui.

(Source: behance.net, via digbicks)

"Granolitic Edit", Of Montreal.



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